Monday, September 5, 2016

AFEF Oceans, Hills and Mountains: Masters of Visual Storytelling

You are invited to attend the reception for a curated invitational exhibit with master watercolorists JoeCibere, David Deyell, Robert Engel, Don Fay and yours truly at the Atrium Gallery 4th floor in the Ventura County Government Center Hall of Administration. This Friday, September 9th from 5pm - 7pm With music by Geoff Dates and Michelle Nosco of Nosco fine art studio on fiddle,  Todd Collart of the VC Arts Council will give awards for the juried show on the main plaza and 3rd floor.  Ventura's own Robert Chianese will read from his book: "Hall Canyon Suite" (available for purchase at the event along with his new release merging science and the art) 

         This is all about loving our Oceans, Hills and Mountains in the most environmentally sound way, by opening our hearts and doing every little thing we can to keep our planet healthy for the next seven generations to come. 
         Curated by AFEF founder Michelle Nosco the 4th floor show is an Arts For Earth Foundation collaboration with the Ventura County Arts Council. The work is largely available at affordable prices which will benefit our Arts and Humanities non-profit charitable work here in Ventura.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Turning Passion into Compassion: Arts For Earth Foundation

Watch our history in this 14 minute slide  show. The original "good ole days" of Arts For Earth includes teaching art enrichment with Chumash elder Alan Salazar, we also partnered with the Sierra Club and Audubon Society. in the Pine Mountain area and with the Boys and Girls Club in Frazier Park.  you'll see exhibits and artivism with our local Venturan environmentalists and humanitarians.               There are more events from our history to be included in our next video archive slideshow:including Michelles Saturday morning cable TV show with Don Eubank.  plans for the Los Padres National Forest Native Plant Garden in the upper Lockwood Valley Chuchupate Meadow "Milpotrero Ranger Station". and our beginning with the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Refuge and their advisory board of non-profit environmentalists who taught our founder the ropes.  The AFEF Visitors Center on Mt.Pinos Way, A beautiful Kern County Library childrens wing is adorned with huge lovely paintings created during our outreach to the local area children.  Early Earth Day Festivals include Frazier Park, Santa Monica and the Mayors celebration of volunteers with his Mayors Day of service in Chatsworth where Michelle stood within wingspan of a fully grown Gold Eagle doing outreach service with the Animal Ambassadors crew.  Oh and what about that outrageous Solstice Celebration in Santa Barbara?  more to come....

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's all about reconnecting...

Thanks for visiting with us
Arts For Earth Foundation is trying something new. Recently we started hosting events called "Think Tanks" to see if we, as artists, could begin thinking outside the box.  We want to help bring awareness and support to the Green solutions offered by our finest local non-profits.  We feel that if we can touch hearts with artistic passion then people will begin to act with compassion

At one point. while brainstorming, it was asked "How can we reach more than 20 or 200 people. How do we speak to 10,000 people?
In a quantum leap we decided to take to the street: Ventura's 4th of July Street Fair 2016. where 30,000 visitors will come to town to celebrate the birth of our country. It's a perfect time to show our patriotism by doing something for our country to make lives better and to help prepare for the future of our children.
Our 501c.3 non-profit group, Arts For Earth,Foundation, is organizing a collective of people conscious people to represent their part in bringing sustainable living to the Ventura. This month we are preparing to host a group of artists and non-profit groups in a booth at Ventura's 4th of July Street Fair. It will be a wild time as we pack into the booth and greet visitors from all over the world who come to celebrate our country's birth.  
This is an important time in history and we are feeling an urgent desire to pull together and keep kindness and brotherly love in the conversation.
  The arts will attempt, in a simple way, to present social justice, humanitarian, climate, wildlife and environmental issues and solutions. This year our goal is to make the heart of the matter available and palatable to the 4th of July Street Fair goers. This year we have a 10'x20' booth... Next year we will continue to build the group and present landmark, loving and lifesaving issues through performance art on our "Earth Stage". This is the ground floor.
  Each participating group will offer ways for visitors to better their lives and to get involved directly. Our booth is a hub, teaching greater awareness in living and planning a better future through the non-profits we promote.

  From organic food delivered bi-weekly from Abundant Table to a place where we can grow our own at the local Community Roots Garden with excess donated,to Food Share, from plans in progress for a member owned Ventura Food Co-op with specialties in organic, non-GMO and fermented foods to plans in progress by Surfrider to remove the Matilija Dam to restore the Ventura River and its soil, watersheds and beaches.

  And more, Climate Hub/ partners (including Citizens Climate Lobby, SURJ:Stand Up for Racial Justice, CFROG, Arts For Earth Foundation, Stop Fracking Ventura, Move to Amend) will present their programs to restore our ecosphere for the good of humanity and our mates in the ecosystem with mindful energy programs and less waste, pollution, greed and injustice by the current systems in place.
  The Sierra Club, California Native Plant Society, Audubon Society, Rincon-Vitova Insectary and Be the Bee will also present their programs and offer volunteer activities through displays on panels flanked by environmentally conscious graphic artists, painters, photographers and sculptors of repurposed art. 
  So, I've rambled on, but I wanted you to get a feel for where we are going with this 2016 Ventura Street Fair booth and its development in the future with performance art and film. Perhaps you can help us shape it.
  How will this all be presented in a simple, easily grasped way? We've painted a wild, artsy tourist map of the Ventura. Area. It's a 20' wide canvas banner and will hang along the inside back of the booth. Participants will have their names flagged around the map to show that there is a lot of volunteerism, aka activism, in and around Ventura. This will immediately give a sense of simplicity and continuity to our multifaceted Hub.  
thanks for visiting, see you at the Street Fair!
best wishes,
Michelle Nosco, founder
 exec director AFEF

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In just 5 days — on Saturday May 14

we take to the streets for #BreakFreeLA

We will rally and march with thousands of people 
from up and down California to say


and start our clean, healthy, prosperous
100% renewable energy future!

— Our rally starts at 1 pm at L.A. City Hall — founder Bill McKibben will be leading the charge,
along with NextGen Climate's Tom Steyer,
activists from Frontline Communities,
LA Hip Hop Group Inner City Dwellers,
and Grammy-Nominated Singer/Actress Antonique Smith.
Join us with your family:   YES, I'll be there!

After the march
Join us for dinner at 5 pm at Mercado La Paloma,
3655 S. Grand Avenue, home of 14 family-owned restaurants.
It's a former sweatshop, now a community and cultural space and home of
Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, part of the
STAND-LA coalition, a main coordinator of our event.

Optional non-violent direct action training for an upcoming action.
5:30 in Mercado room 280.

• City Hall is walking distance from Red Line: Civic Center / Grand Park Station
• From Ventura county & Conejo Valley, book a seat for $40 round trip:

Other news:  No monthly HUB meeting on Thursday May 12

Sunday May 15, 12:30 lunch/1 pm Ventura CCL Monthly Meeting  potluck lunch followed by1:00-3:00 regular monthly meeting at Jan Dietrick's, 108 Orchard Dr, Ventura, 93001.

iMatterYouth gave Climate Report Card with a C- grade to Ventura City Council.  It was clear the kids will be back looking for improvement.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Put in your 2 cents.  Join our 
Arts For Earth Foundation THINK TANK for the Environmental Arts

The Arts For Earth Foundation is a 501c.3 non-profit whose mission is to use the arts (visual, literary and performance) to promote, educate and encourage sustainable living in our local community and beyond. use passion to create compassion.   The range of our artists and activities is quite broad. Here are a few examples from many ...
                              Sarah Jenks Flesher
                                         Sigrid Orlette

Barbara Murray, Andrea Mendoza, Chalee
Connections with community
Meredith Newcom,   Judd Kennedy

C-Wolf DeZign

Michelle Nosco
Ray Harris, Brent Hanson, Marion Woods

Mark Tovar
Good News Films, JoAnne Martillo
    William Winbush 
Mariana Peirano Royuela
Dianne Bennett,    Michele Foster

Julianne Case,

Michelle Nosco
Meredith Newcom
Ruane Condrone
Mark Tovar
MaryJo Murphy

Michelle Nosco

Andrea Vargas-Mendoza

Starting May 1st, to celebrate our 11th anniversary, Arts For Earth Foundation (AFEF) is holding several creative  ThinkTank sessions in which environmental groups present information on current or future projects to a small group selected from Arts For Earth Foundation artists who in turn will brainstorm ways to help with the visual, performance and literary arts..
     We begin when the eco presenter indicates a need for:
1.outreach (education & hands on workshops) 
2.public awareness(call for community support)

3.fundraising (fiscal support) to volunteers 
5.artwork, design work, music, specific performances, written word, film, plays

Our group will brainstorm ideas within their fields of expertise, share the project with our greater community of artists, writers, filmakers & performers then work with the environmentalists to develop solutions to help further their project(s).*   We are the non-profit version of a marketing agency.

The public can a.)come to us for inspiration, b.)we can go to them for outreach education and  c.)we can discover environmental solutions together.  These events may include: exhibits of photography and/or paintings to be auctioned to raise awareness and create funding
2.written prose, calls to action(marketing) or poetry to create a feel for (or awareness of) the issue and environment.  These may further the cause when recited, printed or spread through social media to artists for specific design requests (using any of the arts:visual, performance  and literary arts) these requests may include posters, bumper stickers, video's.  
4.performance arts are a wonderful way to create awareness, educate and for fundraising.  They may include concerts, performances and workshop's.

Good News Films, JoAnne Chase Matillo

   *A budget and timeline will be developed per event/project.  Cost of each project will determine if we need to acquire grants, private support or ask for volunteers and donations .  Any costs required of the environmental group recipient would be discussed and approved in advance if necessary or available.  A partnership agreement or MOU will need to be in place before any actual work commences to acknowledge our mutual goals.

Arts For Earth Foundation was conceived  by Michelle Nosco and founded in May of 2005 when we obtained our official 501c.3 non-profit status while working with the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve and its oversight committee including the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Tree People, LA River Conservancy, California Wildlife Center, CA Native Plant Society, Army Corps of Engineers and more.  Our headquarters were in Glendale and the Frazier Mountain Community.  As of 2012 we are centered in Ventura California.  
     Since its inception, AFEF has sponsored Earth Day Festivals and exhibits, shaped conservation outreach for the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve, the California Wildlife Center, the Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club, Pine Mountain Learning Center, and the  USForest Service Los Padres National Forest Milpotrero Ranger Station visitor center and native plant garden design.  In Ventura we are partners in the Ventura County Climate Hub working with member groups to bring heart to their science.  Head quartered at the WAV Ventura, we hosted 73 artists from across the US in a 150 piece EARTH SPIRIT exhibit and concert series October 2015.   Each weekend while open to the public we featured the projects of various environmental groups in the gallery for visitor outreach and education in sustainable living .

the presidents message:    "I see artists of all kinds using their passion to open up the hearts of their viewers. Helping people to care again when they've given up and closed down. Helping people feel gives hope and a desire to become connected again. In the best case scenario the arts can inspire people into action and to live the life they feel is impossible or inaccessible. Take the bike, take an extra minute with others, give and go the extra mile as if in another's shoes. literary, performance and visual arts are created by people who believe in themselves enough to actually be in action. Often times the inspiration comes when the viewer says "I can do that too".

Sunday, April 17, 2016